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Do you think Lou & Josh will be re-elected?
Yes! In a landslide!
No way!
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Virgie Stadler selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Maybe not a landslide, depending who the opponent will be.

Mike selected No way!
and wrote Statics show Guam Residents Aged 60-65 is 15,441 people. DPHSS can only vaccinate 600 people per day, so it'll take 25 days..not 3 days (Thur-Sat/12-3pm)...if only half show up, it'll still take 12 days, what are they thinking?

Marie Mesa selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Always caring for the health and welfare of the people...which has gotten you all through the Covid so far. More than we get here!!

Frankie Lake selected No way!
and wrote If the people do not open their eyes, decern and hold them accountable-then they will get away with the abuse of authority and be re-elected.

May we have better common sense, and take a stand against the forced changes to our Nation and our island.

John Benavente selected No way!
and wrote Bring the sunshine back 2022

Anonymous selected No way!
and wrote If Lou opens the bars soon then maybe she has a shot.

Carlo selected No way!
and wrote Heck No. are you kidding me?

Anonymous selected No way!
and wrote The choices provided are not ideal IMO, and reflect (and add to!) the polarized nature of American society that is so evident today in Washington DC.
It is not left or right, black or white, "landslide!" or "no way!", reality is shades of gray, and the right of voters to agree with SOME of what a public official does while disagreeing with other things they do.
Lou and Josh have done their best, no doubt, and the situation they are dealing with is unprecedented. It is no surprise that they got some things "right" and others "wrong". We are not in a particularly bad position compared to many other areas in the US, we are a heck of a lot better off than many US citizens/residents.
That being said, my main critique of the current Administration is their lack of communication and last minute decisions/change of decisions that have exacerbated the understandable fear held by the public regarding the physiological effects of COVID-19. The government, including BOTH the Administration AS WELL AS the Legislature must provide an approach that instills confidence in the public that they are on the ball or at least getting on the ball at all times, otherwise the public is more inclined to listen and believe disinformation. IMO the Administration dropped the ball numerous times at the beginning, and still dropping the ball but not as much at this time when it comes to providing enough info to the public on a timely basis.
My other critique is that the Administration appears to have completely abandoned the private sector business owners and left them to fend for themselves, while simultaneously paying GovGuam workers full pay (during the first 6 months) for sitting at home doing nothing. This surprises me greatly, given Lou's private sector experience, and really makes we wonder (and doubt) whether any of her advisors are thinking about how much LESS tax revenue they will be getting come April. Do they have any idea how they will be paying for the almost $1B budget they "forecast" during the budget hearings?
I for one believe they will be in a for a nasty surprise when the tax revenue falls short, then there will be a mad scramble to "fix" that problem, which will be a shame considering that businesses closed = less tax revenue = budget shortfall seems pretty clear to me.
Lou is a wonderful person who has proven she has a good heart many times. Her advisors, and the do nothing Legislature, on the other hand, seem content to take in and spend the close to $1B that the US Federal Govt has given to Guam without a thought for the future. We the public, and particularly the business owners, will pay the price for their incompetence and ineptitude, and that really stinks.

Wyoming Islander selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote They are a great role models and examples for this generation. Great leaders know how to initiate change.

Edwin Dydasco selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Lou and Josh really cares for the people of Guam. I'm proud that I' have voted for them. We love you Lou and Josh. Our family is ready for your next Election, Lou and Josh forever.

Anonymous selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Great team dealing with the Pandemic

Teresa selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote We appreciate how you have kept our island as safe as possible during this pandemic and look forward to our future and economic recovery under yours and Lt Gov Josh’s leadership another term.

Jeremy Cepeda selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Yes, they should be re-elected. There are a lot of people that blame them for things that are not within their control, like this un-precedented in our lifetime pandemic situation. I believe that they are doing the best they can with all the resources made available to them.

Although Governor Leon Guerrero is the first female governor, people make it seem like just because she’s the first female she’s going to somehow miraculously change everything overnight by clicking her heels together and waving her magic wand. She and Lt. Governor Tenorio had/have to deal with all of the issues brought on by administrations past, as well as face the issues that have come with Covid.

They had to make a lot of hard decisions amidst all the treachery from career politicians, associates, heads of autonomous agencies, and other private and public entities that are constantly scheming against them. How adai can anyone do a job when so many are trying to tear you down while you’re doing the best you can. I defy anyone to do better despite all of those odds.

So with that being said, Governor and Lt. Governor... I’m still in!!!

Fe Ovalles selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote A true test of leadership is now..the Lou and Josh team delivered over and above what is asked for as leaders..tough times and their challenges not over yet..we pray for their vigilance and fortitude to contain anymore spread of the virus and get Guam's economy stabilized..????????????

Anonymous selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote If we get out of this mess. We will

Anonymous selected No way!
and wrote I was in, but with latest local stimulus. No. We are all suffering. Private business workers get PUA even more than my weekly rates. No one subsidizing my income from buying gloves, masks etc.

Anonymous selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote No doubt!!

Anonymous selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote 4 more years ...Governor Leon Guerrero and Lt. Governor Tenorio done Awesome job.Biba!

A. Mendiola selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Gov. Lou and Lt. Gov. Josh share the same values good for the people and Guam. Culturally sensitive
Promote and support food security and issues affecting the environment. Are doing excellent job addressing our challenging and trying times caused by the pandemic. Approachble, honest humble, caring and strong in carrying out duty of government!

Juan Q Acfalle selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote With this pandemic virus on our island they are doing great in providing guidances and keep our people sound and safe some might disagree with there guidance but we survive with there command and control. Biba Governor and LT Governor for taking charge ..

David Meno selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote They are doing a great job and will get another term. Positive thinking is what’s needed to move forward and better our island. Instead of always trying to find negativity in all aspect of the government, we would do better if we all collaborate and work as “ONE” for the betterment of our island, ourselves and our future leaders, instead of against each other. Lou and Josh have my vote????????

Moises B. Gomez selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Landslide victory. 4 more yrs.

Ashlie selected No way!
and wrote This government has not once said anything about the essential workers? But all bout other people getting all these extras to stay home n do....nothing? At least give us some...... we've been working our butts off since day one of this pandemic and lockdown! To this very day still nothing!!!

Martin Q. Barcinas-Reyes selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Definitely they still have a lot of work to do. They need to finish what they started.

Anonymous selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote unbeatable

John cruz 777.7263 selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Very good job...

omniscient selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Lou & Josh progressive, fiscal governance, pandemic-public health responsible and compassionate leaders Guam demands another four(4) more years of their administration

John Aguon selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote Tremendous attempt to contain the Virus

Juan k. Calvo selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote As a first woman governor in history, she took the pandemic crisis head on and able to contained it. End result, less death in our comminity and more interesting, she saved the manamko from statiscal death lists. That was a major accomplishment that no other Governor ever experienced in history. Aside from this, the Governor and Lt. Governor were able to continue maintaining and delivering the services as required to the people of Guam. Businesses and other essential services are coming back and to me that is testimony of their successes.

Michael selected No way!
and wrote My dog is going to be the next Govenor, works for bones, SMART, good looking, loves people and has a large following and will make Guam Great Again. Flees and ticks and anyone in Government now please don't vote.

Lonnie selected No way!
and wrote No more Loucifer

Gene N selected No way!
and wrote Very Worried the number who fed off the public teets (government employees who stayed home and got paid & subsidy dependents & pandemic benefit abusers, etc.) will outnumber SANE hard working voters...and make thr horrible mistake to vote it again those lousy maga-nothing.
ALL please remember 2020 and elect business minded and wise "public servants!!"

Matthew Murphy selected No way!
and wrote They are clueless and will get slaughtered in the election, even if Ray Gibson Runs for Governor.

James Howard selected Yes! In a landslide!
and wrote He who has the voting block of Government of Guam eats cake. The only way to eat cake too is create a whole other voting block ( 20000 new registered voters ) this will be the x-factor

Arel selected No way!
and wrote However, if there is low voter turnout, I suspect they could win reelection based upon the large number of government voters.

James Itokazu selected No way!
and wrote We need new leader whip will help the business community

Nick selected No way!
and wrote Not listing any accomplishments, even though we all know there are none, but simply stating that “Josh and I work well together” tells me that they don’t have a clue.

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