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Will you take the Covid-19 Vaccine when it becomes available?
Nope, Never will either!
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Rico B. selected Yes!
and wrote Be like Brad Pitt in World War Z! Take the dose and go into a crowd of Zombies!! LOL!

ennis hooker selected Yes!
and wrote Why does Ray Gibson always spout on about conservative crazy stuff? Case in point, will talk crap about the California governor but he won’t say anything about the president and all his mistakes.

James Arendt selected Nope, Never will either!
and wrote The Covid-19 Vaccine is yet another step of world control by "The Beast" of the Book of Revelation chapter 13. Many Christians think the Beast and the Antichrist are synonymous. That is not correct. Daniel chapter 7 identifies beasts as empires, not individuals. The Beast is a system, a worldwide empire, the Shadow Government of the world by the ruling elite, forces of Satan.

Anonymous selected Yes!
and wrote With the description of possible reactions to the virus, my husband and I will take it on different days, so one can care for the other and we're not both feeling bad at the same time.

wuanBabauta selected Nope, Never will either!
and wrote I think that it is much too early to really know what the long term effects will be, let alone true efficacy. The news is but preliminary data and safety is a big big issue here. What of viral mutations? How many doses? Lots of good questions need to be answered that must be backed by science. The way I remember it, vaccines are supposed to be used on healthy people to prevent a disease. Let is think about that for a minute. We have to temper our reactions in our desperate hope to get back to some normalcy. To my knowledge, there has never been a successful RNA/mRNA vaccine ever! Now there is one in 10 months or so?! Really? Thanksgiving Food for thought...Have a great day!

Nicklos R Prelosky selected Nope, Never will either!
and wrote You want me to take the vaccine? Right after Lou, Caberrera, Posadas, San Agustin and all the DPHSS "experts" who claimed the people are to blame.

Raul Montes selected Nope, Never will either!
and wrote I’m not an anti-vaxxer and I might get it years later and after millions of Guinea pigs get it. The WHO just caused an outbreak of Polio in Sudan with a Polio vaccine, it’s hard to trust the “experts”.

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